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Table 3 Study designs found in each clearinghouse review

From: Evaluation parameters for evidence-based practices for people with autism spectrum disorder: a narrative review of group and single-subject design studies

Types of study design NAC (2009, 2015) NPDC (2010, 2014) NCAEP (2020)
Group designs a   
 Randomized controlled trial (RCT)   x x
 Sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART)    x
 Quasi-experimental design (QED)   x x
 Regression discontinuity designs (RDD)   x x
Single-subject designs    
 Withdrawal of treatment (ABAB) x x x
 Concurrent multiple baseline x x x
 Multiple probe x x x
 Alternating treatments x x x
 Changing criterion design x x x
  1. aIn NAC’s 2009 and 2015 reports, the types of group designs that composed the revised sample were not specified