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Table 3 Logistic regression for associations between sexual initiation and individual and contextual factors (n = 253)

From: Individual and contextual factors associated with sexual initiation among adolescents

Final modelRegression coefficientORAdjusted
BcrudeS.ESig.OR95% CI
Use of alcoholic beverages1.390.510.003.811.778.2
School repetition
Family configuration
 Single parent1.350.660.013.671.369.90
Family support
  1. School year and Critério Brasil (confounding factors); initial model—note: Nagelkerke’s R2 0.529; Hosmer-Lemeshow test (chi-square = 8.007; p = 0.433); Cox & Snell: 0.344; general proportion of correct responses—confusion matrix: 75.2%; final model—note: Nagelkerke’s R2 0.570; Hosmer-Lemeshow test (chi-square = 12.904; p = 0.115); Cox & Snell: 0.456; general proportion of correct responses-confusion matrix: 86.1%
  2. *Regression models adjusted for the school