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Table 1 Description of the Body Project intervention

From: A controlled trial of a dissonance-based eating disorders prevention program with Brazilian girls

Session Description
1 In session 1, participants collectively define the thin ideal, discuss costs of pursuing this ideal, and are assigned home exercises (e.g., write an essay about the costs associated with pursuing the thin ideal).
2 In session 2, participants discuss each home exercise, dissuade facilitators from pursuing the thin ideal in role-plays, and are assigned more exercises (e.g., generate a top 10 list of things young women can do to challenge the thin ideal).
3 In session 3, participants discuss home exercises, conduct role-plays challenging thin-ideal statements, discuss personal body image concerns, and are assigned home exercises (e.g., engage in a behavior that challenges their body image concerns).
4 In session 4, participants discuss home exercises, plan for future pressures to be thin, discuss perceived benefits of the group, and are assigned exit home exercises (e.g., engage in a group body activism).