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Table 2 Definition of coping strategies

From: Construction and validity evidence of a scale for coping with difficult social academic interpersonal situations

Category Description
Coping strategy focused on the problem Represents behavior of approaching the stressor in order to solve the problem, deal with, or manage the stressful situation. Includes behaviors that involve active efforts aimed at reassessing the problem, or restructuring it by perceiving it in a positive way.
Coping strategy focused on social support Refers to seeking instrumental or informational support with strategies to cope with the stress-causing situation.
Coping strategy focused on emotion Represents the effort to regulate the emotional state that is associated with stress or is the result of stressful events. This effort is directed at a somatic level or at a level of feelings aiming to alter the emotional state of the student.
Coping strategy focused on “powerful others” Making use of religious or superstitious beliefs and behaviors to facilitate problem solving and to prevent or alleviate the negative emotional consequences of stressful life circumstances.