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Table 1 Questions from State-Anxiety Inventory

From: How disentangled sense of agency and sense of ownership can interact with different emotional events on stress feelings

1 I feel calm. 11 I feel self-confident.
2 I feel safe, secure. 12 I feel nervous, irritable.
3 I feel tense, nervous. 13 I feel scared, alarmed, afraid.
4 I feel stressed. 14 I feel uncertain.
5 I feel peaceful, good about myself. 15 I am relaxed, at ease.
6 I feel upset, overwhelmed. 16 I am satisfied.
7 I worry over possible misfortunes. 17 I am anxious, worried.
8 I feel happy. 18 I feel disconcerted, disoriented.
9 I feel frightened. 19 I feel collected, composed.
10 I feel at ease. 20 I feel pleasant, in a good mood.