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Table 2 Major self-handicapping strategies of pedagogy students

From: Self-handicapping strategies in educational context: construction and validation of the Brazilian Self-Handicapping Strategies Scale (EEAPREJ)

Self-handicapping strategies N/%
Distraction in the classroom (do and think about other things, talk) 10/ 25%
Poor time management for school assignments 6/15%
Failure to do the tasks recommended by professors, such as reading and assignments 6/15%
Lack of efforts to do the tasks well 5/12.5%
Failure to attend classes/miss classes or leave the classroom 3/7.5%
Procrastinate 3/7.5%
Report physical and psychic symptoms, such as tiredness, anxiety, and nervousness 3/7.5%
Sleep very little the day before a class or test 1/2.5%
Make excessive efforts or more than necessary 1/2.5%
Engage in many simultaneous activities 1/2.5%
Lack of organization in the study environment 1/2.5%
Total 40/100%