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Table 3 Frequency of people with problems in each GDS item and diagnosis of depression

From: Multi-ethnic validation of 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale in Chile

Percentage of people with problems in each itemNon-indigenousAymaraMapuche 
1. Satisfied with your life? (No)3615.6a105.0b277.3b< 0.001
2. Dropped many of your activities and interests? (Yes)12755.0a5426.9b18149.2a< 0.001
3. Feel that your life is empty? (Yes)4720.3a147.0b4913.3a,b< 0.001
4. Get bored? (Yes)9641.6a7135.3a7520.4b< 0.001
5. In good spirits most of the time? (No)6427.7a2512.4b8924.2a< 0.001
6. Afraid that something bad is going to happen? (Yes)9641.6a6833.8a,b9626.1b< 0.001
7. Feel happy most of the time? (No)7030.3a2813.9b7019.0b< 0.001
8. Feel helpless? (Yes)5825.1a2713.4b8021.7a0.009
9. Prefer to stay at home? (Yes)12353.2a6733.3b17647.8a< 0.001
10. More problems with memory than most? (Yes)3615.6a3316.4a11029.9b< 0.001
11. It is wonderful to be alive now? (No)3816.5a115.5b5214.1a0.001
12. Pretty worthless the way you are now? (Yes)5523.8a189.0b6216.8a< 0.001
13. Full of energy? (No)13156.7a5627.9b14539.4c< 0.001
14. Feel that your situation is hopeless? (Yes)6026.0a2110.4b8222.3a< 0.001
15. Most people are better off than you are? (Yes)5322.9a,b3718.4b10929.6a0.009
Diagnosis of depressive symptoms      < 0.001
 Normal (0–4 points)14161.0a15979.1b24666.8a 
 Mild depression (5–9 points)5021.6a3617.4a9425.5a 
 Moderate-to-severe depression (10–15 points)4017.3a63.0b287.6b 
  1. Chi-squared test with Bonferroni correction. Superscript letters indicate significantly different values