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Table 2 Adapted DBT skills training intervention (as shown in Cancian et al. 2017)

From: Problematic and adaptive eating in people with obesity after a DBT-based skills training intervention: 3- and 8-month follow-up and mediation analysis

Session Module Selected handouts and worksheets Mindfulness exercise and skills taught
1 Orientation and mindfulness General handout 1 Mindfulness: breath
Mindfulness handout 1A, 3 e 4 mindfulness worksheet 4A Goals of skills training
Mindfulness definitions
Wise mind—states of mind
Taking hold of your mind—“what” skills
2 Mindfulness Mindfulness handout 5 Mindfulness: find your lemon
Mindfulness worksheet 2 e 5A Taking hold of your mind—“how” skills
3 Emotion regulation Emotion regulation handout 1, 3, 4, 5 e 6 Mindfulness: wise mind—stone flake on a lake
Emotion regulation worksheet 2 Goals of emotion regulation
What emotions do for you
What makes it hard to regulate your emotions
Model for describing emotions
Ways to describe emotions
4 Emotion regulation Emotion regulation handout 8, 8A Mindfulness: mindful participation—improvisation
Emotion regulation worksheet 5 Check the facts
Examples of emotions that fit the facts
5 Emotion regulation Emotion regulation handout 9, 10, 12 e 13 Mindfulness: noticing urges
Emotion regulation worksheet 7 e 8 Opposite action and problem solving—deciding which to use
Opposite action
Problem solving
Reviewing opposite action and problem solving
6 Emotion regulation Emotion regulation handout 15, 16, 17 e 18 Mindfulness: noticing sensations
Emotion regulation worksheet 9 Accumulating positive emotions—short term and long term
Pleasant events list
Values and priorities list
7 Emotion regulation Emotion regulation handout 19 e 20 Mindfulness: raisin
Distress tolerance handout 8 Build mastery and cope ahead
Emotion regulation worksheet 9 e 16 Taking care of your mind by taking care of your body
8 Distress tolerance Distress tolerance handout 7 e 9 Mindfulness: noticing sounds
Improving the moment
9 Distress tolerance Distress tolerance handout 5, 11 e 11B Mindfulness: body scan
Distress tolerance worksheet 3 e 9 Pros and cons
Radical acceptance
Practicing radical acceptance step by step
10 Review   Mindfulness: wise mind—focus on your breath