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Table 3 Brief mindfulness (Mfs) program—“TCCendo sem estresse”

From: Effects of a brief mindfulness-based intervention on emotional regulation and levels of mindfulness in senior students

Description Activities
Week 1
- Presentation;
- Ice-breakers;
- What is Mfs;
- Self-compassion;
- Body activation + body scan practice;
- Daily task: 10-min guided daily meditation (track 1).
Week 2
 Mindfulness and the body
- Group sharing on the previous week;
- Body awareness;
- Activity: mindful movements + mindful eating;
- Daily task: guided meditation (track 3) and then 3 min in silence, concentrating on the breath.
Week 3
 Mindfulness and emotions
- Group sharing on the previous week;
- Emotions × thoughts;
- Acceptance; video activity: observe one’s body reaction;
- Daily task: guided meditation (track 6). Then, remain silent for 2 min, focusing on sounds.
Week 4
 Mindfulness on a daily basis
- Group sharing on the previous week;
- Activity: mindful walking;
- Daily task: choose between tracks 1, 3, or 6. Then practice Mfs during a specific chosen activity (tooth brushing; eating; cooking; washing the dishes; driving, etc.).
Week 5
 Mindfulness and the final paper
- Group sharing over the past week;
- Procrastination and Mfs;
- Activity: effects of specific words on bodily sensations;
- Daily task: guided meditation number 5.
Week 6
 “Week 6 is the rest of your lives”
- Group sharing on the previous week and the whole program;
- Activity: body scan;
- Delivery of material with suggestions on how to cultivate a mindful living.
  1. Note. Adapted from: Williams and Penman (2015). Guided meditations are from the CD of the same book