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Table 6 Schedule of the intervention meetings

From: Brief intervention for stress management and change in illness perception among hypertensive and normotensive workers: pilot study and protocol

  Duration Activity Variables Instruments
Attraction 10 min Introduction to the project and the research group Biosociodemographic questionnaire, Illness perception scale, Perceived stress scale
10 min Sensitization about “psychological aspects and health behaviors”
10 min Introduction to the stages of the intervention and the study
30 min Clarification of doubts and initial data collection (pre-test)
Total: 1 h    
Session 1 5 min Introduction and agreement Illness Perception, knowledge Pre-test of the Health Quiz and satisfaction assessment
20 min Introductions of participants
10 min Reflection about perception
30 min Cognition and behavior Psychoeducation
10 min Health Quiz (individual—pre-test)
30 min Health Quiz (collective)
15 min Closing and evaluation
Total: 2 h    
Session 2 10 min Review of previous session Illness Perception and perceived stress Post-test of the Health Quiz and satisfaction assessment
30 min Psychoeducation about stress: risk factors, perception and stress
15 min Experience “Thoughts and emotions”
10 min P.A.R.A.R (STOP) technique and initial practice of mindfulness
20 min Video “The unwelcome guest”
15 min Technique “Values”
5 min Folder
15 min Closing, evaluation and delivery of certificates
Total: 2 h