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Table 1 Content of the RPP

From: Retirement preparation program: evaluation of results

No. Themes Program content HL
1 Presentation of the RPP Opening with RPP coordination representative
Presentation of the RPP (objectives, purpose, and program content)
Presentation of participants
Survey of expectations
Operational combinations
2 h
Work world and meanings of retirement Socio-historical construction of work
Work and formation of social identity
Senses and meanings of work
Pleasure and suffering at work
Meanings connected to retirement: stereotypes and prejudices
Idleness and free time
2 h
2 Social security aspects Social security: concept, general regime, and special welfare regime
Procedures to apply for retirement
Benefits and advantages of retirement
Registration of contribution time
Application and processing of the administrative process of retirement
4 h
3 Personal and professional planning Personal and professional planning
4 h
4 Psychological and family aspects Work and subjectivity
Building of personal and professional identity
Expectations and feelings about retirement
The importance of interpersonal relationships and the construction of networks
The family’s role in retirement
Divorce, depression, anxiety, suicide, and use and abuse of alcohol and drugs
4 h
5 The practice of physical activity Retirement as a moment of resumption of physical activity
Physical conditioning
Choosing the physical activity you like the most
4 h
6 Dietary reeducation Retirement and aging
Eating habits throughout life
Consequences of a poor diet on health
Dietary reeducation
Nutrients and food groups
Daily menu planning and organization
4 h
7 Health care in retirement Definition of health
Health care
Primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention
Risk and protection factors
Prevalent diseases in the elderly population
Indications of periodic examinations after the age of 50
2 h
Interview with retirees Interview conducted by a journalist with two retirees, usually a man and a woman, one with a higher education and another with high school or technical level 2 h
8 Financial planning in retirement Revenue, expenses, funding, investment and indebtedness
Fixed, optional, and extra costs
Family budget planning and model suggestions
4 h
9 Life plan What is a life plan? How to make a life plan?
Models of plans
Plan maintenance
2 h
Assessment and Closure Assessment of the program
2 h