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Table 2 Checklist of project quality requirements with strength-of-evidence of effectiveness of the essential effectiveness elements (I)

From: Drug use prevention projects in schools in Vitória, Brazil: quality analysis and improvement proposals

Quality requirement I
Theoretical foundation Theoretical model 0.24
Objectives Clear definition
Focus on primary prevention
Focus on secondary prevention
Focus on tertiary prevention
Participants Families 0.29
Out-of-school community
Elementary school students
Secondary school students
Content Life skills 0.53
Knowledge about drugs
Positive social relationships 0.29
Alternative activities to drug use 0.06
Methodology Interactive/experiential 0.29/0.18
Informative 0.24
Written printed material
Audio-visual/internet material
Characteristics Bimonthly duration 0.21
Semi-annual duration
Annual duration
Daily periodicity
Weekly periodicity
Monthly periodicity
Semi-annual periodicity
Implementation by agents with specific training 0.29
Implementation by out-of-school agents 0.18
Implementation by students as mediators 0.35
Design by the whole school community 0.18
Design based on the participants’ needs 0.24
Inclusion in the school curriculum 0.06
Content reinforcement 0.24
Evaluation Pre- and post-test 0.28
Process evaluation
Control group
Qualitative evaluation