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Table 5 Answers after the intervention, by categories (in parenthesis, the number corresponded to the subject)

From: Effects of animal-assisted activity on self-reported feelings of pain in hospitalized children and adolescents

Answers after AAA Feeling Parts of the body Intensity Other comments
Feeling   It burns here (points to the stomach) when I eat. It hurts on the belly. (6) Sometimes it hurts a lot. Sometimes it hurts a little. It’s still numb (points to the leg). (5) The same. It feels like pressure. (14)
A twinge on this side (points to the right side of the abdomen). (17) It has increased. I think it’s because I was sitting. The position was uncomfortable. (13) It’s the same. Everything gets hard, the body stops obeying. I get limited movement. (15)
Parts of the body     On the belly and on the head. I don’t know anything else. (16)
Intensity    Now I feel zero. (12)  
Other comments     I even forgot about the pain. (1)
It’s better than it was before. (2)
None. (3)
It’s the same thing. (4)
It’s gone, I got distracted. (7)
It doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s really gone. (8)
It still hurts, but I’m better. (9)
Same thing. (10)
Playing was enough to make it better. (11)