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Table 4 Answers before the intervention, by categories (in parenthesis, the number corresponded to the subject)

From: Effects of animal-assisted activity on self-reported feelings of pain in hospitalized children and adolescents

Answers before AAA Feeling Parts of the body Intensity Other comments
Feeling Seems like taking a knife and keep pressing it. Sometimes, it feels like a needle. (1) Seems it’s cutting, sometimes. On the right side (points to the abdomen). (4) Regular pain. It hurt a little before, like diarrhea. (12) It just hurts. The leg gets numb. Dizziness. (5)
It burns here (points to the stomach) and makes a wave on the belly. (6)
Sore throat. It scratches when I swallow. I can’t swallow saliva. (10)
A twinge. It pants. The place where the drain was bothers me when I walk. (11)
It comes and goes. It seems like a punch in the stomach. (13)
As if it was burning or pressing (points to the belly). (14)
Parts of the body   It hurts on the surgery (shows the side of the abdomen). The ear hurts too. (9) I can’t explain. The head and the belly hurt. A lot. (16) Back pain. Just pain. (8)
A lot of pain all over the body. (15)
In the bone, but I can move. It hurts a lot. (3)
Intensity    Strong. (17) I can’t explain. It’s weak. (2)
The pain doesn’t go away. It persists. (7)
Other comments