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Table 1 Modifications of the original TSI made by the final expert panel

From: Expert panel’s modification and concurrent validity of the Teacher Stress Inventory among selected secondary school teachers in Nigeria

Question number Original questions Modified/deleted/added questions Action Reason
8 I rush in my speech. I rush in my speech or find it difficult to communicate fluently in English when under pressure Original question 8 modified Not all teachers are fluent in English
14 There is too much administrative paperwork in my job The school system has structural and functional problems Original question 14 deleted, new question 14 added Original question 10 should incorporate original question 14
16 I am not progressing on my job as rapidly as I would like. I have frequent teacher-teacher or teacher- superior authority conflict e.g with the ministry or board of directors Original question 16 deleted, new question 16 added Original question 16 seems a duplication of original question 15
18 I receive an inadequate salary for the work I do I receive an inadequate or late wages for the work I do Original question 18 modified Late payment of salary is very frequent within this population
46 I respond to stress by using over-the counter drugs I respond to stress by using over-the counter drugs or prescription medication Original questions 46 and 47 merged This is because several over-the counter drugs are prescription medication within this population
47 I respond to stress by using prescription drugs I respond to stress by using illegal drug Original questions 47 modified This is because of use of illegal drugs such as cannabis in time of stress