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Table 1 Categories, subcategories, and examples of causes attributed to breast cancer

From: Causal attribution among women with breast cancer

Categories Subcategories Examples
1) Psychological Attributions Psychological and/or psychiatric symptoms Emotional state, stress, worry, sorrow, deception.
Personality One’s way of being.
Stress Family problems.
2) Biological Risk Factors Genetic/Hereditary Illness caused by genetic inheritance.
Age Illness caused by age.
Obesity Illness caused by obesity.
Poor organ function Alterations in the body’s defenses, low immunity.
Hormonal causes Use of contraceptives, causes related to the menstrual cycle and menopause.
3) Behavioral Risk Factors Lack of prevention Lack of preventive tests, sedentary life, bad eating habits, carelessness.
Drug use Use of cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs.
Breast-feeding related problems Problems during breast-feeding.
Work related problems Overwork, stress at work.
4) Lack of access to resources   Little medical care, lack of information, delay in medical care.
5) Physical Injury   Accidental bruises, hits, injuries.
6) Bad luck/Fate   Fatalism, bad luck.
7) Chemicals   Poison, pollution or pesticides.