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Table 1 Factorial structure, factorial loadings, explained variance and reliability of the SBPP scale—second version

From: Development and validation of a scale for measuring cultural beliefs about psychotherapy patients in southern Chile

Items (loadings)Factor 1 “stable characteristics”
(α = 0.80)
Factor 2 “transitory situations”
(α = 0.65)
Have weak character0.71 
Are unhappy0.63 
Are nervous0.63 
Are much troubled0.58 
Are crazy0.55 
Have a mental illness0.49 
Need help to solve their problems0.40 
Are depressed 0.73
Are going through a difficult time in their lives 0.61
Are disoriented 0.56
Variance explained (%)23.715.5
  1. Source: own elaboration
  2. Footnote: Heading of all items = “psychotherapy patients:”
  3. KMO = 0.71; Bartlett’s test of sphericity χ2 = 323.16, p < 0.00