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Table 6 Expectations, goals, and evaluations of participant 3

From: Social validity of a contextual behavioral science-based intervention for retirement education

 QuestionParticipant’s answer
  Why did I seek out this activity?I feel prepared for retirement, but I know it’s a new phase that will certainly bring some difficulty in adaptation. Exchanging ideas with other people who are going through the same process can help me see other aspects I have not considered.
  What do I expect to achieve by the end of the activity?To be prepared to face a new challenge regarding the things which still worry me and to have contributed in some way to the other participants.
 ActivityLife domain and meeting number
Health meeting 2Career meeting 3Leisure meeting 4Friendships meeting 5
  Drink no more than 3 coffees per dayYes> 1< 2 
  Watch three videos about financial education Yes  
  Go out with friend  Yes 
  Make a list of friends I would like to meet again   Yes
  Invite Sonia to visit her granddaughter   Yes
  Do small favors   x
Final evaluation
 QuestionParticipant’s answer
  When I compare my expectations to my results, I think that:My goals were reached as I identified the areas to be worked. The developed techniques helped me identify my difficulties and develop strategies to deal with them. The acquaintanceship with people involved in the same project made me think of other possibilities I had not considered until then. In the same way, I think to have contributed, in some way, to the group’s growth.
  1. 1Changed the goal to no more than 2 coffees per day
  2. 2Exceeded the goal limit
  3. 3Participant 3 missed meeting 6; thus, she had no new goals. However, she emailed her task record for the week before