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Table 5 Expectations, goals, and evaluations of participant 2

From: Social validity of a contextual behavioral science-based intervention for retirement education

 QuestionParticipant’s answer
  Why did I seek out this activity?I have been in public service for 46 years; I never acted without being employed [by a company or government]; it’s time to think about what to do in the upcoming years. I do not want to waste what I learned. I know how to help people and I want to continue doing so.
  What do I expect to achieve by the end of the activity?A plan for activities to be performed as a self-employed individual. Some possibilities for work. To learn more about life after retirement.
 ActivityLife domain and meeting number
Health meeting 2Career meeting 3Leisure meeting 4Career meeting 5Couples meeting 6
  Eat up to 3 slices of wholegrain bread per day> 1YesYesYesYes
  Drink at most 2 cups of coffee per dayYesYes< 2YesYes
  List five options for future professional activities > 3   
  Do 2 leisure activities with wife  > 4,5 Yes
  Structure and write down business plans   YesYes
  Pay attention to son’s bedtime    Yes
Final evaluation
 QuestionParticipant’s reply
  When I compare my expectations to my results, I think that:The results exceeded my expectations greatly. I’ve learned with my group of colleagues how to think, plan, and share ideas about the future. I have to have challenging but attainable goals. The meetings helped to highlight the need to plan for the future based on social and psychological factors (the predictors) which interfere in people’s adjustment, in my adjustment, when I retire.
  1. 1Changed his goal to up to 2 slices of bread per day
  2. 2Exceeded the goal limit
  3. 3Listed 10 options
  4. 4Happy hour, 2 movies at the theater, getting groceries, preparing lunch, riding a bicycle
  5. 5Reported that other changes started after the beginning of the intervention: eliminated after-work snack; reduced eating at night; lost 4 kg; at work, acted with less criticism and more calmly