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Table 4 Expectations, goals, and evaluations of participant 1

From: Social validity of a contextual behavioral science-based intervention for retirement education

 QuestionParticipant’s answer
  Why did I seek out this activity?I need more focus, more reality, to be more “grounded,” and to get better organized regarding time; opportunities to talk, work, organize, and put into action what I want to do from now on; to talk and deal with the fear of the new and the unknown path.
  What do I expect to achieve by the end of the activity?To have put more order in and higher priority on what I want to do; to have guidance for how am I going to do what I want to do; to have gained some “capacity” or tools to deal with my insecurity and fear – so these do not hinder me.
 ActivityLife domain and meeting number
Health meeting 2Career meeting 3Leisure meeting 4Career meeting 5Couples meeting 6
  To meditate 5 days a week, at 5 amYes< 1YesYesYes
  Call coworkers, physician, and psychologist > 2   
  Talk to husband about leisure together  No  
  Read an item from the class   Yes 
  Quit a few professional projects   Yes 
Final evaluation
 QuestionParticipant’s answer
  When I compare my expectations to my results, I think that:I really saw the need to prioritize and I started the process of prioritizing between the lessons I took and in the areas where I can act. I learned a tool – [the ACT] Matrix – which will help me to walk through this process. I learned the importance of the group (any kind of group) in my personal project. Personal project does not mean isolation nor that will it happen if I isolate myself.
  1. 1Meditated 4 days a week
  2. 2Also registered at a conference of interest