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Table 4 Distribution URS (final Portuguese version) with original formulations of items, in English—CFA1 (sample 2)

From: Factorial validity and measurement invariance of the uncertainty response scale

 ItemsStandardized regression weights
Emotional uncertainty4 - Sudden changes make me feel upset..73
5 - When making a decision, I am deterred by the fear of making a mistake..65
8 - When the future is uncertain, I generally expect the worst to happen..61
9 - Facing uncertainty is a nerve-wracking experience..80
10 - I get worried when a situation is uncertain..77
11 - Thinking about uncertainty makes me feel depressed..71
13 - Uncertainty frightens me..81
31 - When I can't clearly discern situations, I get apprehensive..60
35 - When uncertain about what to do next, I tend to feel lost..69
36 - I feel anxious when things are changing..62
41 - When a situation is unclear, it makes me feel angry..61
Cognitive uncertainty3 - I feel better about myself when I know that I have done all I can to accurately plan my future.60
7 - I like to have things under control..57
27 - I like to know exactly what I'm going to do next..72
39 - I try to have my life and career clearly mapped out..70
43- I like things to be ordered and in place, both at work and at home..61
47 - I like to plan ahead in detail rather than leaving things to chance..74
Desire for change12 - I find the prospect of change exciting and stimulating..64
23 - I feel curious about new experiences..77
24- I like to think of a new experience in terms of a challenge..74
25 - A new experience is an occasion to learn something new..66
34 - New experiences can be useful..69
37 - New experiences excite me..85
38 - I think variety is the spice of life..59
45- I easily adapt to novelty..63