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Table 1 Early maladaptive schemas and their correspondence to schema domains and unmet needs

From: The Dusseldorf Illustrated Schema Questionnaire for Children (DISC)

Schemas Domains Unmet needs
1 Abandonment/instability (AB) Disconnection and rejection Attachment
2 Mistrust/abuse (MA)
3 Emotional deprivation (ED)
4 Defectiveness/shame (DS)
5 Social isolation/alienation (SI)
6 Dependence/incompetence (DI) Impaired autonomy and performance Autonomy/self-efficacy
7 Vulnerability (VU)
8 Enmeshment/undeveloped self (EU)
9 Failure (FA)
10 Entitlement/grandiosity (ET) Impaired limits Identity/structure/limits
11 Insufficient self-control/self-discipline (IS)
12 Subjugation (SU) Other-directedness Self-esteem acceptance
13 Self-sacrifice (SS)
14 Approval-seeking/recognition-seeking (AS)
15 Negativity/pessimism (NP) Over-vigilance and inhibition Pleasure, spontaneity and play/fun
16 Emotional inhibition (EI)
17 Unrelenting standards (US)
18 Punitiveness (PU)